Welcome to The Daily Gap!


The Daily Gap grew out of the idea of wanting to write a blog during our gap year. Funnily enough, this turned into a blog about the gap year itself. More broadly, the theme evolves around the post-university phase we find ourselves in, and many 20 year olds (and 30 year olds) with us. This is a time experienced as being full of agency and – seemingly – endless opportunity, but also one of uncertainty and self-doubt. With The Daily Gap we hope to illustrate the encounters, opportunities, challenges and funny moments in our ‘gap life’, but also that of you.


Concretely, during this year we hope to figure out what makes us tick and to get an idea of what direction we would like to go into. Because we want to interpret the theme of our blog freely, we will be documenting our journey not only through articles, but also through creative writing, photography, interviews, and video.


Moreover, we envision that over time the community of people sharing ideas and experiences on The Daily Gap will grow. Would you like to contribute by publishing an article/creative piece of writing/photos/other forms of expression on The Daily Gap? Contact us!


We hope that you will find our blog interesting, entertaining and maybe even a tad helpful.


Vera & Leah






Vera Vrijmoeth

foto Vera

Vera is a 22 year old Dutchie, who her friends would describe as seemingly calm and serious with crazy outbursts of weird jokes, creative thoughts, ambitious ideas for change, and ‘aha-moments’. She graduated from University College Utrecht (UCU) summer 2017, with a focus on international relations, environmental sciences, and modern art. Next to UCU, she did a preparatory year at the Art Academy in Utrecht. She is passionate about various societal issues: from eradicating poverty and unemployment, understanding the ‘other’, finding alternatives for the current economic system, to social and motivational psychology. At the moment she is enjoying some peace and quiet after a hectic past year of chairing the Academic Student Council of UCU, writing her bachelor thesis, and partaking in a 3 month development project in Kenya and Tanzania over the summer.


Leah van Ees

IMG_3214 3Leah van Ees is an absolute jazz and arts lover that is always in for new conversations with interesting people. At University College Utrecht she studied anthropology, psychology and law, but ended up being most fascinated by the topic of mental health as a wider societal phenomenon. In her summer she partook in Humanity In Action, a program focused on diversity and social justice issues. To relax she loves to do sports, sing, dance to Latin music (in clubs and at home), and organise dinners and lunches that bring friends together. Currently, Leah just finished an internship with the Jazz World Music Agency (JWA) and is desperately looking to make some money. She is excited to write for The Daily Gap!